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Out of all colors but spiderman webb design. Called 4 days before delivery to let us know their out of red, told them to send black, delivered spider webb blue.

Tim, the supposed "owner", was actually crying because ours wasnt the only order effed up. They had shiiped out 1600 orders wrong. Boo-hoo, not my problem . In the first place, stop crying so i can tell you how you screwed up my childs "guaranteed delivery before Christmas ".

We placed our order on December 8th, if you cant handle the volume of your own business, fold it up and let the big boys take over. You should have contacted me as soon as i placed the order to let me know you couldnt get what we ordered so that we could have gotten what we wanted somewhere else. Instead, you call 4 days before delivering to ask my second color choice. What was the point of that?

Tim said that spiderman blue was their best seller. Hey Tim, i dont care, my kid aint 5. All Tim had to say for himself and his company... Send it back if you dont want it.

Sure Tim cause you dont care that you ruined my kids Christmas, and you dont care about making it right.

Its okay Tim, just know that these are the reasons your business will fail. This is also called "bait and switch", and there are laws to protect consumers from people like you and the way you do business.

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My daughters Christmas was also ruined by this company.. Same thing happened, called me four days before delivery was supposed to get here to tell me they no longer had blue...

Ordered before the 16th which they say they guarantee delivery before Christmas, it is now Jan 3rd and we have still not received it...

Customer Service is not at all professional.. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau, I don't think this company will last much longer....

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